Best food to Sous Vide as a beginner

Sous Vide cooking is an edge to edge perfection. This French cooking technique has become one of the best examples of restaurant quality cooking. It is time consuming, difficult and hard to master. Sous Vide always delivers food better than traditional cooking methods.

So if you are just starting out with Sous Vide cooking and you want to cook sous vide for festivals this following list can help you.

1. Steak

9 out of 10 times sous vide is used on a steak. Under normal cooking methods, steak tends to be overcooked or undercooked. Since sous vide cooking is temperature controlled you can cook it perfectly. No matter what your experience level now you can have a perfect steak. Perfect for festivals or perfect for sous vide for festivals.

2. Chicken Breasts

These are some amazing piece of meat. But traditional cooking methods often leave them dry and tasteless. Looking to cook it throughout mostly makes it dry. Sous Vide cooking is perfect for chicken breasts. It can cook the meat perfectly while keeping it moist and succulent.

3. Duck Breasts

Much like chicken breasts, these can be cooked to its best taste with Sous Vide. Even though it is texturally completely different from a chicken breast, it too dries out easily in traditional cooking. So, this meat can really shine with this method.

3. Egg

Eggs are the perfect candidates for Sous Vide cooking. Cooking eggs in the traditional way is a guessing game, there is no way to get them perfectly unless you are an expert. But with Sous Vide, you can cook them from the just set consistency to hard-boiled without any real effort.

4. Pork Chop

Pork is one flavorful, juicy meat. The perfect way cook it is to Sous Vide. Normal cooking often makes it dry and the flavor is lost. Eating one bite of Sous Vide cooked pork chop is enough to make anyone a fan for life.

5. Seafood

seafood often dries out easily, making it the perfect candidate for Sous Vide. You can cook lobster or shrimp to perfection. Seafood is often a mystery for a lot of cooks but they are just like any other meat. When dry meat is sore for the mouth, moist meat tastes like heaven.

6. Vegetables (some)

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people. Vegetables also can be Sous Vided. A few of them tastes amazing.

Once I met an Asian, she got amazed to eat a souse vice cooked carrot and remarked “I can’t believe this is a carrot”. It tenderizes with own juices and just tastes amazing. Asparagus is another vegetable that tastes amazing with this method. There is no other way you can get them tender and crispy.

Sous Vide cooking works wonders on a lot of things. If you select ingredients perfect for this style of cooking it always pay off. Playing it safe is the way to go in the beginning. If you master the technique first, later can dive into the more advanced techniques and harder ingredients.

For the holidays as a beginner, always try the easy ingredients.

equipment used for Sous Vide cooking

All equipment used for Sous Vide cooking: Necessary to fancy

Sous Vide is an advanced cooking technique and it requires some advanced equipment too. Even though you can cook Sous Vide without using this equipment, these are necessary if you are serious about this technique and don’t want to take extra effort while cooking. Equipment will always be a part of a kitchen.So you are thinking about cooking sous vide for festivals. Cooking new things will always bring out a need for new equipment.

There is some equipment which is a basic necessity and some are fancy which can reduce your effort even more. We will be going through all of these in this article.

The Necessary

The following are the necessary equipment for Sous Vide cooking.

Immersion circulator

This is one of the basic things you need for Sous Vide cooking. It helps you keep the temperature of the water steady. The working is pretty simple, this device needs to be attached to a container filled with water for it to work. It circulates the water and heats it up. The water is always circulated and is kept at a steady temperature. These don’t come with its own water bath container. So it easily attaches to any container or pot.


If you are using basic immersion circulators having a container to hold the water is necessary. While choosing a container, keep in mind that it should be able to withstand high temperatures. The container should be able to attach to the circulator easily and should be easy to cover to stop the water vapours.

Reusable ziplock bags

A bag to hold your food is necessary and ziplock bags are perfect. Some would argue that a vacuum sealer is necessary but it is not. These bags can easily be attached to the side of a container using some clips.

The fancy

following equipment will surely make Sous Vide cooking much easier but they can’t be considered an absolute necessity. That means if you are looking to cook sous vide for festivals these equipments won’t be necessary.

Sous Vide water oven

These are an oven-sized equipment which adds water bath to the immersion circulator. This reduces the need for an extra container and the hassle to attach the circulator to the container. But unlike the immersion circulator, the water is not circulated here. This is much expensive than the immersion circulator. So is considered as a fancy equipment.

Vacuum Sealer

Sealing the food airless can make the cooking easier since you can toss it into the water bath instead of attaching it to the side. This can also make sure that the food is cooked better. A Vacuum sealer is an expensive addition to your kitchen.

Reusable Silicon bags

These are the fancy bags for Sous Vide cooking. They come with some obvious advantages like more durability and strength.

You will surely need to buy some equipment for Sous Vide cooking, that is one thing that comes with the advanced status of this method. Always buy equipment after reading a lot about. User reviews help a lot better than review websites. Always look at an equipment as a part of your kitchen. So always be sure to buy something that can fit into yours.

How to cook Sous Vide without an immersion circulator

How to cook Sous Vide without an immersion circulator

Sous Vide is a fancy cooking method used in fancy restaurants. And it is known to use fancy machines to do so. If you are looking to try Sous Vide for festivals and don’t want to invest in expensive machines before trying it out, there are ways you can cook try without the machine.

Tools like immersion circulators can make the process faster and perfect. But you can do them without these machines too. So I will explain, how you can do a Sous Vide cook without an immersion circulator.

The best sous vide immersion circulator is used to keep the water temperature at the same level. But you can get the same effect using a thermometer and a cooking pot. The following are the steps for the cook.

Step 1: Prepare the food

Preparing food is always the first step. Clean it properly and cut according to the dish you want to prepare.

Step 2: Prepare the pot with water

For the water bath, we will be using a common pot. Fill it with water with only space left to add the food.

Step 3: Attach a thermometer to the side of the pot.

Keeping the water bath to a particular temperature is important for Sous Vide. Since we are not using an immersion circulator, a thermometer can be used to keep an eye on the temperature. You can check the temperature from time to time. But attaching it to the side of the pot will be much easier. You can do so with the help of a clamp.

Step 4: Heating the water

While heating the water always keep the burner in a steady position. Always maintain a steady temperature and adjust the burner if necessary. Keeping the temperature steady can be difficult but that is the price you have to pay for not investing in expensive machines.

Step 5: Add the food to a ziplock bag

Add the food to a ziplock bag and add necessary seasoning to it. Make sure that you have enough seasoning.

Insert the bag to the heating pot with the top open. It is done so to let the air out. Attach the bag to the side of the pot using a clip. Make sure the bag is attached perfectly so that it won’t fall off during the cook.

Step 6: Cook

Once the food is added to the pot, the temperature will change. And you will have to make adjustments to get it back to the desired temperature. Once the temperature is fine to start the timer for your cook. Remember that you should look at the pot from time to time and keep the temperature steady.

Step 7: Searing

Even though this is an optional step, most of Sous Vide cooked food tastes better with searing. Having that crisp on both sides of the food will be good.

Sous Vide is an amazing cooking method and being able to do it without using any extra equipment is great. Sous vide for festivals is a perfect idea too. This will allow you to try this method of cooking before investing in equipment.

Joule: Perfect gift for sous vide

Joule: Perfect gift for sous vide loving loved ones

So your loved one is into sous vide cooking. It is one of the fanciest cooking methods ever known to man. All the high-level restaurants use this method and someone wants to try it at home. But you’ve heard it requires costly instruments. So what will you do? Festival season is near and Sous vide cooking for festivals is a very good idea. And if you can get a related gift that will be perfect too. Not too costly but not too bad. Finding such a thing will be really hard.

Joule sous vide machine is a perfect candidate for such a situation. So what is the matter with it let us find out?

Joule is an entry level sous vide machine designed by chefsteps which is a popular website to learn cooking. obviously, they have integrated their lessons into the device.

Joule looks amazing, it is a lot smaller than all of the competitors. Only the looks can make you buy it. It is thin tall and cylindrical. There are no displays on the device and only have an led indicator on the device. Following are the dimensions of the device, 11.8 inches tall with a diameter of 1.8 inches.

One of the most interesting things about joule is that it is a smart device. It can only be controlled through an app, there are no physical buttons on the device. And it even accepts voice command if your hands are dirty. The app is available for both Android and IOS and is pretty extensive. This is perfect for a beginner since step by step instructions of how to cook any item is available courtesy of chefsteps. The app has recipes, thousands of them and each are thorough like having step by step instructions or a video.

App also has a database of standard cooking temperatures of popular meats and other things. You can set this time to the cook.

The magnetic base of Joule is also a pretty interesting feature. Unlike many of the competitors, it does not use any kind of screw-like mechanism to stick to the pots. It uses a magnet to do this. It works on most of the pots and there is the screw mechanism available in case the other didn’t work.

The voice recognition and input in joule are really great due to a couple of integrations. The first integration is a skill. Joule is an Alexa skill. It has a few really good commands. You ask the following things.

Alexa, ask joule to set the temperature

Alexa, ask joule to check the status

Alexa, ask joule to cook a steak.

All of these commands work pretty well.

The facebook messenger is also integrated with joule. You can do pretty much everything with it like telling Joule, cook a steak.

Joule is an amazing entry-level device for people who are hoping to cook sous vide at home. To people who would like sous vide cooking for festivals, this will be the perfect gift. Only flaws to the device are the inabilities to work without an app.


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